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Cleanse & Detox


This program allows you to experience an approach to the experience of fasting, by progressively reducing your intake to a diet based on plant components and liquid textures, with the aim of unloading the digestive system, achieving a mental state of creative activity, at the same time which starts the improvement of metabolic health parameters feeling lighter.


Our program includes medical consultations, as well as a series of activities and personalized treatments to make you feel better. It also includes a personalized health plan after your treatment, for the correct transition to your continuation diet.

Recommended For:

• People with normal weight who want to reactivate their metabolic system and know the benefits of a guided semi-fast, associated with physical activity.

• People with disorderly eating habits, or after a time of excesses, who want to start a discharge from their digestive system.

• People in a situation of excess weight and / or metabolic overload (fatty liver, high triglycerides, high limit sugar …) who, as a start or continuation of a diet, wish to carry out a more drastic plan than following healthy habits.

This Program Includes

Our Medical Team

Two medical consultations: assessment and results.

Blood test: specific parameters to assess the degree of metabolic overload; levels of ions and micronutrients, to detect deficits or imbalances.

DEXA body composition analysis: a non-invasive reference technique for its precision in determining body composition (fat, lean mass, bone density), basal caloric expenditure, body fat distribution, and diagnosis of sarcopenia (muscle loss).

• Consultation with a nutritionist-registered dietitian.


Specific Detox diet, adjusted in portions and content to your needs, according to the objectives set at the beginning. Detox cocktails.

Natural dietary supplements.

Cooking workshop: increase your culinary skills and learn secrets from the Chef to make your preparations healthier.

Activities and treatments

1 Mindfulness Session.

2 localized sessions of draining body INDIBA: With the INDIBA®Deep Beauty method, the skin tissue recovers its elasticity, reduces fat and improves oxygenation. It has highly beneficial effects at the Body level: contour shaping, bust tightening action, anti-cellulite, anti-stretch marks and anti-sagging. Accelerates recovery from muscle and joint injuries.

2 manual underwater massages.

• 1 DETOX wrap.

1 session of mechanical lymphatic drainage.

1 session VICHY DETOX.

Personalized health plan after your treatment, for the correct transition to your continuation diet.

Access to our Health & Spa Center, (sauna, Turkish bath, snow cabin, salt grotto, tepidarium, hydrotherapy pools …)

1 Daily collective activity: Yoga, Pilates, Stretching ….

Introductory gym class: get the best out of our high-end Technogym equipment.

Nutrition talk: basic and specific principles to obtain criteria to apply in your food decisions.

Types of treatment may vary based on medical recommendations

From 3.700€ VAT incl

For 7-14-21 days, Price excludes Accommodation

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