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Las Dunas Hotel Health and Spa will inaugurate the best version of the restaurant in its Andalusian patio ‘Félix’ The establishment claims to be the successor to the famous Felix, who became one of the pioneer restaurants of Eurasian fusion in our country and now offers a combination of Asia, the West and Innovation.

Exquisite products are served by the chef in a highly educated ceremonial environment where the cult of forms creates an indescribable atmosphere.

More than a name, Félix is the emblematic restaurant of Las Dunas Hotel Health and Spa located in a luxurious and elegant setting such as the hotel’s Andalusian patio.

With the reinvention of the once famous Felix, an impeccable combination of East and West that became one of the best pioneering restaurants of Eurasian fusion in our country, it has been possible to create a gastronomic space under the professionalism of our chefs with a High-level Mediterranean bet and Asian nuances honoring bygone times and rescuing dishes that marked a golden age.

The decoration of the Félix restaurant provides a unique and unusual visual experience. An extraordinary and intimate eclectic style with highly studied lighting that gives strength and personality to every detail, the most select atmosphere, which make Restaurante Félix a unique and exclusive place.

The Félix restaurant’s wine list is excellent, with more than 300 references from the most important denominations of origin in Spain and from the international wine scene.

A little piece of Japan in Estepona

Restaurante Félix is reborn as a proposal for traditional Japanese food, with the best local produce and Japanese imports, it brings intense and complex Japanese flavors, but authentic.

Our Félix Japanese Restaurant is the hotel’s flagship restaurant.

Its cuisine is recognized both for the exquisite traditional Japanese dishes, as well as for others that have emerged by merging Japanese influences with Mediterranean ones.

Taste everything from fresh fish sashimi to marbled Wagyu.

Guests can admire the Chef himself at work in the kitchen as he prepares mouth-watering dishes that are served in front of the customer; combining seafood and raw materials of the highest quality, products grown organically in our own garden and classics of Spanish and Japanese cuisine.

At Restaurante Félix, diners often describe the preparation of sushi as a kind of magical choreography, but the real magic lies in the incredible Japanese flavors with the fusion of Mediterranean products.

Intertwining the past and the future of Japanese cuisine, Restaurante Félix, applies its own ideas, further developing the traditional techniques reached by the sushi artisans of the past.

The entire menu is paired with a great selection of Spanish and French wines, we have French champagne for the most gourmets.

For the more purists we also have a variety of high quality Japanese sakes and different types of sparkling elaboration, Junmai ginjo, Daiginjo, Junmai and Junmai Daiginjo, depending on whether you want to pair them with sushi or hot dishes.

We distinguish ourselves by the quality of our product and by respect for tradition, from the techniques used to the taste of each dish.

A space where you can enjoy the most current cocktails, without losing the essence of an enclave that transports us to the golden age of the Costa del Sol.

To give our cocktails more exclusivity, exotic Japanese ingredients, natural seasonal fruits, Japanese and professional products are used for their preparation.

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