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Weight Control

In just one week, experience the general basis of the Healthouse Method, to focus your habits on a health-reinforced way of life, oriented towards your happiness and well-being.

The program includes medical consultations and a series of personalized treatments to make you feel better.

Who is it for?

People with excess weight who want to know the degree of affectation of their health due to being overweight and start changing their habits, optimizing weight loss during their stay. You are interested if you are overweight and want to fight against it in a healthy and permanent way with a change in habits.

People with excess abdominal fat and associated risk factors: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fatty liver, diabetes … who want to start actions to improve their health. It will help you get rid of that tummy and improve your general health.l.

People with normal weight who want to take a few days to relax, maintaining their healthy eating and exercise habits, avoiding that vacations involve weight gain, while performing a specific health exam. You are looking for a healthy, active vacation alternative with a healthy and controlled diet.

What includes?

Medical Team

Two medical consultations: assessment and results.
Blood Analysis: detection of cardiometabolic risk factors through specific parameters.
DEXA body composition analysis: a non-invasive reference technique for its precision in determining body composition (fat, lean mass, bone density), basal caloric expenditure, body fat distribution, and diagnosis of sarcopenia (muscle loss).
Consultation with a nutritionist-registered dietitian.


• Healthy full board: five daily meals, designed by the catering team as a complete gastronomic experience, in a closed menu format, adjusted to allergies and intolerances and with a hypocaloric content according to your situation.
• Natural dietary supplements.

Activities and treatments

1 reducing / anti-cellulite body massage
2 manual underwater massages.
• 2 mechanical lymphatic drains.
2 INDIBA localized sessions: With the INDIBA® Deep Beauty method, the skin tissue recovers its elasticity, reduces fat and improves oxygenation. It has highly beneficial effects at the body level: contour shaping, bust tightening action, anti-cellulite, anti-stretch marks and anti-sagging. Accelerates recovery from muscle and joint injuries.
• Naturhouse Book.
Access to our Health & Spa Center, (sauna, Turkish bath, snow cabin, salt grotto, tepidarium, hydrotherapy pools …)
1 Daily collective activity: Yoga, Pilates, Stretching ….
Introductory gym class: get the best out of our high-end Technogym equipment.
Cooking workshop: increase your culinary skills and learn secrets from the Chef to make your preparations healthier.
Nutrition talk: basic and specific principles to obtain professional criteria to apply to your food decisions.
The types of treatment may vary based on medical recommendations.

From 3.700€ VAT incl

For 7-14-21 days, Price excludes Accommodation

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